5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

Confession: I am the worst when it comes to traveling 🙄 I have gotten significantly better, but I used to have legit panic attacks. Think crying on the plane and the people next to me thinking I’m a little cray. I would make up the worst scenario in my head of what could happen mid-air. While Aaron and I are actually taking a bus tomorrow, I thought there might be some of you who are boarding a plane in the next few days and wanted to share my tips 💖 

  1. ✈️ Keep Distracted
    Now this seems like an obvious one, but make sure you bring enough things to do on the plane that you are looking forward to. You know that mom who brings coloring books galore for their toddler? Treat yourself like that 👶🏼🤣 Unless it’s necessary, I don’t recommend bringing something work related as it could potentially stress you out even more. Watch a movie, read a new book, anything that can take your mind off of the flight. 
  2. 🚘 Limit that coffee
    As hard as this one is (you know how much I love my almond milk capp ☕️) having caffeine can only make your anxiety worse. Drink other liquids like water, or hey… even a glass of wine mid flight won’t hurt.
  3. ⛵️Educate Yourself
    When you understand what goes into preparing for takeoff and the amount of testing done on each plane before it even goes off the ground, it may calm your nerves. Also, a plane can fly safely with just one engine and land with neither. I have read so much about this that it really has calmed me down 📚
  4. 🚎Don’t Tense Up
    Ok now this might sound weird, but don’t tense your body or clench your fists when you’re going up or landing 😬 I would literally tense up when the flight took off, hold on to the sides of the seat or onto Aaron’s hand for dear life that he thought it would fall off. (I workout, what can I say 💪🏻😏) but when you tense up your body like that, it can worsen anxiety! Try as best as you can to relax and kind of move with the turbulence. 
  5. 🚀Don’t try to be cute
    Put on the comfiest most amaze #groutfit you have & try to get in some zzzz’s 😴 Need some airport outfit inspo? Shop this look by following me on the @liketoknow.it app! #calynbrooke

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