My Favorite Brunch Spots in NYC

Brunch is always a good idea in my book! If it involves delicious food and fabulous friends, I’ll be there. While it is definitely an enjoyable weekend activity, it can sometimes get overwhelming of what to order on the menu to stay on track. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite brunch spots in New York City, some tips when ordering, and what I personally would choose from the menu at each brunch spot.

I’ll start with brunch tips:

  1. Bread and muffins are sometimes included at the brunch table. If possible, opt for the whole grain choices. You’ll feel fuller, more satisfied and it’s a more nutritious option.
  2. If you choose to drink, try a bloody mary rather than a mimosa. They are typically healthier than other alcoholic beverages as they include tomato juice, cayenne pepper, fresh herbs and celery. Yum!
  3. For sides, go for the mixed berries. I love to add this as my side rather than the oily and fried breakfast potatoes.
  4. I don’t love to hit up the buffet or the all you can eat option – as I tend to take more than I am actually hungry for and we all know we’ll eat what’s in front of us. Order your own plate and you can always get an extra dish to split with everyone at the table.
  5. Eggs – this is my favorite brunch choice. Don’t be afraid to eat the whole egg. Yolks aren’t scary! They’re filling and nutritious.

My Favorite Spots and My Order:

  1. Bluestone Lane
    Upper West Side, Financial District, West Manhattan, West Village, Upper East Side

I absolutely love the Breakfast Bowl. It has sautéed kale, cherry tomaotes, avocado, red quinoa and a poached egg. It also comes with feta, but since I am dairy free I ask for another vegetable. You can get sautéed mushrooms or even add another protein like smoked salmon. It’s such a delicious dish and always my go to.

  1. The Butcher’s Daughter
    Neighborhoods: Nolita, West Village, Williamsburg

The Butcher’s daughter is a plant-based restaurant . The menu is 100% vegetarian and mostly vegan and gluten free. Remember, just because something is vegan or gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy. I’ve shared a picture here of the menu and circled what I personally like to order here!

  1. Café Clover
    West Village*image from Yelp

This place is not only delicious, but such a pretty and aesthetically pleasing spot! When it’s nice out, it is so enjoyable and pleasant to sit outside on their patio. I recently went and ordered the vegetable scramble with asparagus, zucchini  and kale, a side of berries and an almond milk latte.

  1. Jack’s Wife Freda
    Soho and West Village

This place is just so FUN! They have the cutest little sugar packets with sayings like “I love you a latte!” or “Gimme some sugar.” There are so many options on the menu but I like to get either the Mediterranean Breakfast or the Maya’s Breakfast Bowl. For the Mediterranean breakfast, I’ll do sourdough toast instead of Pita bread and I ask for extra avocado instead of the labne. A matcha latte on the side is always nice, too 🙂

  1. Sadelle’s
    Neighborhood: Soho

This is one of my absolute favorites, but it can be hard to get a table. I’d suggest making reservations far in advance, or know you’re going to have to wait a bit. I really enjoy their salads there as they are huge, filling and do not disappoint. I get the Cobb Salad but make a few changes to my liking. I do not get any cheese, and instead of bacon I sub hearts of palm. So, SO good!


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