On My Baby Registry

I’ve finally completed my baby registry and I’m so excited to share it with you! To be honest, I was so overwhelmed with where to even start when it came to what items I need.

There is so much information overload on what to register for and it can be so confusing on what you’ll actually need. I tried my best to narrow it down. I did a lot of my own research, got inspiration from other friend’s baby registries and even went through all of this with my friend who’s both a nurse and has 2 under 2! I’m using BabyList as my registry – I found it the best place to have a wide variety of brands/stores. BabyList also makes it easy for thank you cards by marking down who gave you what – so you don’t have to remember yourself.

I’ll narrow it down by category for your below. I have all of my registry items, plus items that I’ll be buying on my own to have for when baby girl arrives.




Baby GearΒ 

Play Gym – This is supposedly the best one there is by LoveEvery. It’s cute, so many things for baby to do and a neutral design too, which looks good in your living room. Highly recommended by all of my friends with babies.

Bouncer – This is the most stylish and highest reviewed I’ve seen. I got it in a neutral color for future babies but they have some other nice options. I also added in the attachment for baby to look at and play with!

Swing – We went with the 4Moms Mamaroo swing. It has multiple functions, connects to your phone and babies supposedly love it. My sister in law has this exact one and my nephew is so relaxed in there. I added in the infant snug seat until baby is big enough to be in there without it.

Carrier – I went with two. The babybjorn mini in black for Aaron and I went with the most chic and also functional baby carrier I could find, Artipoppe. Everyone I know who has it, loves it.

Lounger – I went with the snuggleme organic instead of the super popular Dockatot. Apparently this one is safer!



Stroller & Accessories – I went with the UppaBaby Vista 2 with the bassinet. I went to “test drive” strollers in person and this was by far my favorite with how it rides (lol) and feels. It also has a lot of storage underneath and for future kids it has the option for two. I went with the color Declan, which I love! For accessories I went with the infant seat, snack tray, phone holder and carry all organizer.

Car Seat – The Nuna Revv rotating and convertible car seat is highly rated. It makes it easier to get baby or toddler out of the seat and less stress on your back to get them out.

Car Mirror – This is great so you can keep an eye on baby while driving!

Diaper Bag – Bougie? Yes… but, I love it.

Doona Travel Stroller System – I did a question box on what your favorite most used baby item was and this won by FAR. I plan to use this for doctor’s appointments and shorter walks, etc. It’s lightweight and the stroller is attached to the car seat so you just can load it right into your car. It’s also great for those in larger cities without a car because the stroller can fold down into a car seat with no attachment necessary – making it perfect for uber/taxi rides.

Pack & Play – Great reviews and nice looking!

Clothes & Accessories

Sharing all of these directly from my LTK so you can get all of the cute baby clothes! I could add tons here but I’ll leave it at this πŸ™‚ Some of my favorite brands include Kyte Baby, Spearmint Love, Kissy Kissy, Rylee + Cru, LoveShackFancy… Oh I could go on and on!


High Chair – Lalo is so cute and I’m so excited to have this in my kitchen. It’s aesthetically pleasing and super functional. It can be a booster seat or a high chair!

Table/Counter Chair – Great for when you want baby at the counter or if you are going to eat/over to someones house.

Bottle Drying Rack – I got it in white so it looks nice on the counters.

Nursing Pillow – This is the highest rated one I’ve seen and can also be used to help baby sit up when they’re older.

Formula Dispenser – Makes life so much easier.

Bottle Sterilizer – Not necessary but does all the work for you!

Meal Time Accessories – I’m obsessed with all of the Mushie goodies.

Bath Time

Bathtub – I went with the Lalo Bathtub and faucet cover!

Sink Insert – For when baby is really tiny, you can wash them in the sink with this insert.

Baby Towels – Of course I went with the LoveShackFancy x Potterybarn collaboration. I also added Lalo towels.

Baby Beauty Products – EllaOlla is all natural and the TubbyTodd all over ointment is supposed to be the best.

Diaper Pail – This keeps the stink out and is small and nice looking to keep in the nursery.

Diapers – We’re trying Coterie. They apparently are the highest absorbent and really protect blow outs, ew.

Wipe Warmer – not necessary but I felt it’s nice to have.

Health & Safety

Nanit Camera System – This was super important to me to have the best quality and highest rated camera system for the nursery that I could find.

Humidifier – The canopy humidifier is great for baby’s skin and breathing in the nursery.

Mattress – The Newton breathable waterproof mattress is supposedly the safest option.

Frida Baby Products – I could add a ton on here but all of them are great. Specifically added the thermometer and snot sucker.

Baby Shusher – Great for when you’re out, as well.

Nail FileΒ – Electric apparently makes it easier and this is great to bring with you to the hospital in your bag, as well.