About Calyn

Calyn lives in Manhattan with her husband, Aaron. She is active in the New York City fitness scene and loves coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy eating healthy! Through the combination of a balanced and whole diet and her love of fitness, she lost over 50 pounds. Calyn was encouraged by friends and family to start a blog as a platform to share the tips and tricks that helped her own transformational journey.

For years, Calyn struggled with a constantly unhappy stomach, requiring her to get smart about what she was putting in her body. Instead of allowing a restrictive diet to hold her back, she develops new healthy recipes and finds products that make both her, and her gut, happy.

Calyn loves to try out new boutique fitness studies around New York City, and always makes time for her go-to’s for a good sweat! She’s always got her eye on a new matching activewear set to sweat in at her next class.

Whether you are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes, find some fresh and healthy recipes, or just look and feel your best — you can find it all on Calyn Brooke.

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